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Maja Keres

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Originally from a small country of Croatia, where she had first started dancing in amateur dance troups, Maja soon developed a strong love for dance, and consequently teaching. She soon became a well-recognized dancer in Croatia and one of the most popular teachers.

Maja continues to work on her craft which brings her to New York City where she extensively trained in various styles (hip hop, contemporary, jazz, jazz funk, popping, locking, vogueing, house, stiletto heels…) and finally, in order to continue her professional dance career, she moved to the United States in 2014.

Her career went from working with top Croatian artists to being one of the founders of K2K Dance Center in Rijeka, Croatia and teaching classes and workshops throughout Croatia and Europe. After moving to the States and signing with Clear Talent Group, she worked on numerous commercials, music videos and live performances in New York and Los Angeles. She performed at Superbowl, Coachella, Brit Awards, Grammy’s, to name a few, and worked with artists such as Fergie, A Tribe Called Quest, AlunaGeorge, Keith Urban, and most recently, was one of the dancers on the latest Justin Timberlake’s world tour.

Touring with JT gave her the opportunity to travel the world performing, but also to teach classes at numerous dance studios throughout the US and Europe. Maja currently resides in Los Angeles.

Her style is a mixture of all the styles she’s been trained in and incorporates a lot of musicality. Maja pays extra attention to connection of movement and music, as well as emotion and performance, while always making sure that students are motivated, challenged and her biggest priority.

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