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Noemie Lafrance


Noémie Lafrance is known both for her acclaimed artistic career as a ‘site-specific’ choreographer and for her trendy commercial work. Sought after for her distinctive cutting-edge style and her ability to work with large groups of trained and untrained dancers, Noémie brings imaginative and high-quality choreography work to commercials, music videos, promos, concerts, live performances, visual arts project, opera and theater.

Viral circulation and social networks transformed the industry: seeing real people break into a dance is the new trend and this is exactly what Noémie is doing. She makes dancers look like real people and real people dance, while integrating everyday movements into choreography with a natural flow. For her, choreography is more than just dance steps; it is the rhythm and movement of all parts of an image. As a site-specific choreographer, Noémie brings the architecture of a space, camera movement and choreography all together.Noémie is best known for her choreography of the Grammy Award nominated Feist music video “1,2,3,4” which garnished multiple awards internationally, generated over 15 millions hits on YouTube and was featured in the iPod Nano ads –which aired internationally. The video went viral and is amongst the most influential music videos today. Noémie won the 2008 MVPA Music Video Production Award for Best Choreography of Feist’s music Video, “1,2,3,4”. The video also received Le Prix Victoire de la Musique in Paris, and the CAD Award in London. Noémie is a recipient of two Bessie Awards, a Lambent Award, and is an Alpert Award nominee. She also received a D&AD Award for “Daffy’s Fitting Dance”. Noémie recently choreographed an award winning commercial called “Cinema ad” for Daffy’s clothing retailer performed live with video at the Ziegfield Theater in NYC. The spot was designed for sharing on social networks and conceived by Johannes Leonardo. Noémie has worked with award winning agencies internationally on innovative commercials. Credits include Apple, Nike, The Coca-Cola Company, Clarks, Bloomingdale’s, Daffy’s, AT&T, Nestea, Kellogg’s, Interscope Records, a.o. Noémie has choreographed for some of today’s finest recording artists including David Byrne’s world tour, Feist’s concert and music videos “My Moon, My Man”, “1,2,3,4”, “I Feel it All” and Mika’s music video “Big Girls”. She also worked on ”Sleepwalkers” a film by prominent visual artist Doug Aitken commissioned by MoMA, and on the Opera “King Roger” and “Harnasie” with 60 chorus signers directed by Lech Majeski. As the artistic director of her company, Sens Production, specializing in site-specific work, Noémie has created, and produced over 15 original works and commissions worldwide. Acclaimed original works include “Descent”, “Melt”, “Noir” and “Agora”. Her work has been presented by established institutions and toured internationally to major festivals. She is currently working on “The Rapture Series” staging the architecture of nine Frank Gehry buildings worldwide, sponsored by Tiffany & Co. Noémie directed four short dance films, “Descent”, “Rapture Film”, “Eyes nose mouth” and “Melt”, which were screened at major film festivals. Her work “Descent” was listed as one of the ten best performances of 2002 in The New York Times and Time Out New York. She was in Dance Magazine’s “25 choreographers to watch” and “The Best of 2006”, and has been featured in the New York Times Magazine, Vogue Magazine, TIME Magazine’s innovators section, GOOD magazine, to name a few. She has also appeared on Sundance Channel, NPR, A&E, CBC, BCATV, and many others. Noémie’s choreographic style blends classy and natural choreography with edgy and trendy ideas. She has developed a unique site-specific choreographic language that integrates choreography and urban architecture with a pedestrian twist. Having directed several dance films, she brings a deeper understanding of how dance and camera works together. Noémie’s distinctive work is sought after by innovative directors and advertising agencies all over the world.

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