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Junior Vargas

Agent, LA Creative & Choreography

Repping Chicago, IL, and graduating from Arizona State University, Junior Vargas was a seasoned Creative Producer/Manager working over 11 years in the music industry with Beyonce, Jay Z, Pharrell, and others. He has worked in many realms within the showbiz operations alongside some of the GOATS like Frank Gatson, Yvette Noel-Schure, Kim Burse, Todd Tourso, among others. His leadership dealt with determining project scopes, supervising budgets, and delegating team tasks to help create some of his clients’ best moments in their careers. He has hired a wide range of creative professionals including dancers, choreographers, band, and glam by negotiating with their agents on securing deal memo/legal agreements. Giving him a full-grasp of every aspect of the industry, coming to Clear Talent Group to represent some of the world’s leading creatives and choreographers just made perfect sense!

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