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Ari Hader


Ari Hader, affectionately dubbed the Prince Charming Of Women, is a genderfluid actor who had the honor of playing the first ever non-binary patient on GREY'S ANATOMY in the recurring guest star role of “Toby Donnelly." Versed in both comedy and drama, they star alongside Ricardo Chavira in the indie feature TOURNAMENT, and they are the lead in the short film TOGETHER which had an impressive festival run (StudioFest Winner of $50k, Fantasia Film Festival, Austin Film Festival, and more). TOGETHER received distribution by Alter and is now streaming to their 2.8 million subscribers. You can watch it here. Other credits include ALIEN SIEGE (SyFy) and RECOVERY opposite Mike Starr

Ari graduated from NYU Tisch for Acting, does stunts and combat, as well as rigorously trains in Muay Thai four times a week. They’re an improviser on the Groundlings-coached improv team, “Linda!” and sing and song write funny folk songs on their ukulele. They also make an amazing over-medium egg (runny yolk, non-runny white part, fully delightful).

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