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Brooklyn Mclinn


RECENT BOOKINGS: BEL-AIR (Major Recurring Guest Star, Peacock)

Born and raised in Inglewood, CA, Brooklyn Mclinn has always had a skill for entertaining at an early age, whether acting, performing or exhibiting his athletic ability he was able to captivate audiences.

Brooklyn Mclinn is a passionate man, who utilizes every life lesson he has learned and uses them as tools in his work. He earned his degree in Business Management from CSUN and played professional basketball overseas. Brooklyn is an actor, athlete, author, educator, and motivator. He brings the intensity of a strong work ethic to all that he does.

Torn between pursuing a career in acting or professional basketball, Brooklyn chose to concentrate on basketball and played professionally in Taiwan and Mexico. After ending his basketball career, Brooklyn’s need to fulfill his other desire led him to discover the empowering strength in acting. He states, “Acting was a life-saving experience that provided me with the permission to express emotions and issues that I wasn’t ready to deal with. Issues that I have been internally trying not to deal with based on judgments of appearing weak.”

He not only found strength in the acting exercises but he shares them with those he comes in contact with. His determination to complete every task to his best abilities transcends in every area of his life. When he is acting he gives 100% as he does when he is playing ball, exercising or teaching. Brooklyn feels “If you stay ready you don’t have to get ready.”

Brooklyn has a long list of credits to his name as a working actor. His first gigs included commercial bookings for GATORADE, COORS, DOMINO’S PIZZA and PONTIAC.  Brooklyn has had a number of recurring roles that include the CBS Comedy RULES OF ENGAGEMENT opposite Patrick Wharburton, the NBC drama PARENTHOOD opposite Dax Shepard and Joy Bryant, THE HUSTLE (Fuse), and ABC’S BLACKISH. Most recently, he completed a seven-episode arc on the latest season of Marvel’s CLOAK & DAGGER and can currently be seen as a Recurring Guest Star on Peacock's hit drama series, BEL-AIR. Brooklyn Mclinn also self-published and released his first book, My Book of Favorite Quotes, A 30 Day Transformation To Become A Better You!! Available on

Brooklyn is heavy into Personal Development and Life Coaching. He uses this passion to speak to at risk youth about self-love, financial literacy, health and proper mental attitude. He wants them to know that, “Life’s Possibilities are Endless.” Confucius says, “Those that say they can and those that say they can’t are both right.” Just remember, “Everything we need to succeed is already inside each and every one of us.” Brooklyn creates an atmosphere for them to feel safe to “JUST BE.”


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