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Gwendolyn Osborne


Gwendolyn is an accomplished creative professional who is constantly striving for excellence in her work as an actor, singer, entrepreneur, and personal wellness coach. 

Her career began as a runway, print, and commercial model that helped set the stage in becoming one of the models on The Price is Right show. A consummate professional, Gwendolyn was a part of the show for over 12 years and gained a historical accolade as the longest-running woman of color model on a game show. 

She would then join the cast of WONDER WOMAN 1984 as one of the Amazonian Women. It was on the set of this blockbuster movie where she captured her inner strength and power and truly took stock of what it meant to be a real-life Wonder Woman. She pushed the boundaries of her physical and mental strength while mastering her craft as an actor, transcending her experience into her everyday endeavors and passion projects. 

Always a believer in never taking life’s lessons for granted, Gwendolyn took her experience from her time on WONDER WOMAN to cultivate an inspiring message for women and developed a podcast that creates meaningful conversations with other women of all different backgrounds and professions. Tea with Gwen embodies her commitment to supporting women at scale by creating a platform that shares inspiring and motivating stories. 

Gwendolyn’s never-ending pursuit of connecting the body, mind, and spirit energized her to learn more about nutrition, skincare, and the science behind it all. Which has led her to launch Lomolique, an innovative anti-aging facial oil that combines cell regeneration properties with natural ingredients found in plants. However, her pursuit of connecting the body, mind, and spirit into one doesn’t end here. After completing and graduating courses with The Path organization, she also became a certified Meditation Teacher.  

Gwendolyn’s drive to pursue excellence in her life has always been inspired by her three talented and creative children, ranging from 9 to 25 years old. They have become a source of inspiration and determination to be an example of what it truly means to live a life of a real-life Wonder Woman.


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