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Jackie Jacobson


Recent Bookings: THE ROOKIE: FEDS

Jackie was one of the stars of the hit Netflix franchise comedy MALIBU RESCUE (series + two spin-off films). She played the co-lead role of ‘Dylan,’ a super-cute-but-overwhelmed prefect of the valley pod. A bit of a dork and an infamous scatterbrain, Dylan has been deliberately assigned to teach lifeguard training skills to “The Valley Pod” consisting of Tyler (Ricardo Hurtado from Nickelodeon’s “School of Rock”), Eric (Alkoya Brunson), Gina (Breanna Yde) and Lizzie (Abby Donnelly) to ensure they would fail. Justifiably angry with this realization, Dylan is determined for her valley pod to succeed. The first movie Malibu Rescue premiered May 13th 2018, the series premiered on June 3, 2019, and the second movie MALIBU RESCUE: THE NEXT WAVE premiered on August 4th, 2020 on Netflix. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Jackie knew she wanted to be an actress at a young age. After landing her first acting gig at 11 years old with CRIMINAL MINDS, she went on to shoot a variety of roles showcasing her versatility. Past credits include guest-starring roles on THE NIGHT SHIFT, BELLA AND THE BULLDOGS, and GAME SHAKERS to name a few.

When she isn’t acting, Jackie is an outspoken advocate for Children’s Hospital LA & No Kid Hungry charities. Jackie resides in LA with her family and toy Pomeranian named Chicken Wing.

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