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Kiana Fong


As an actress who began her career starring in television back in China, Kiana Fong is now pursuing her craft in television and film here in LA. She has lived in a multitude of places, including the Bay Area, Hawaii, and China. Moving around immersed her with plenty of cultures, including her parents’ backgrounds of Chinese, Japanese, and Vietnamese, contributing to her fluency in both English and Mandarin. Kiana has been studying theatre ever since she was a little girl, and that also includes a dancing and singing background. At the Chinese American Film Festival, Kiana earned herself the Best New Actor award for her television series ADOPTION which premiered as the prime-time drama on CCTV8 in China. As a fresh new actor in the American industry, Kiana is ready to take on any role she is met with and provide a wide range of choices.

She is a student receiving her Bachelor of Arts in Theatre with an Emphasis in Acting, and a minor in real estate development at the University of Southern California. Kiana also has picked up voiceover and dubbing for a variety of genres. You can find her being a Twitch streamer, live-streaming her favorite video games and chatting with her vibrant personality. If Kiana isn’t performing, she loves to enjoy a good volleyball game, some delicious food, and spending time with her family. On the philanthropic front, Kiana has donated to and supported the Leukemia Research Foundation in honor of her grandfather and her role in China in which she played a character struggling with Leukemia. Kiana believes in better and more representation in the industry and would like to be a role model to all the Asian girls out there who want to have a career in the arts!

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