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Kiana Fong



Meet Kiana Fong, the actress with a passport as well-stamped as her acting credentials. She's gone from growing up in the Bay Area, to starring in a primetime Television series in China, to pursuing the Hollywood industry, and her life has been one wild global sitcom.

Born to a cultural mashup of Chinese, Japanese, and Vietnamese roots, Kiana speaks both English and Mandarin fluently.

Kiana's acting journey started when she was just a little girl, juggling theater, dance, and singing lessons. Her dedication paid off big time when she snagged the "Best New Actor" award at the 2017 Chinese American Film Festival for her role in ADOPTION.

After acting in China, she decided to pursue her career back in Los Angeles, since she is a California girl at heart.

She has since obtained her Bachelor of Arts in Theatre with an Emphasis in Acting at USC.

Kiana has a wide range of capabilities: Not only is she an entertainer, she is also a licensed California Real Estate Broker. But don't let her open houses fool you, as she will graciously do business with you in the day, and Twitch Stream at night. With her adorable Twitch community, you can catch Kiana playing sick video games, or just chatting it up.

Off-screen, she's all about sports, especially volleyball and the adult league she's a part of. She also considers herself a foodie, but she pretty much just likes everything.

In terms of philanthropic efforts, Kiana has raised money from her role in Adoption and dedicated it to the Leukemia Research Foundation in memory of her grandfather.

Kiana wants to be the role model she never had when she was growing up—an inspiration to all the Asian girls out there dreaming of a career in the arts.

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