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Michael Villar



“Yeah, Michael Villar, he’s a very good actor, very sweet guy and I really liked his audition. He improvised that! ‘He’s there and now he’s on TV.’ He was a day player and that’s a tough position to be in; to come in and deliver this big speech and you don’t know anybody. I thought he did such a great job, especially his face when he gets angry, that was just wonderful.”  (Bill Hader: Creator / Director / Star of Barry)


As his diverse list of credits attests, Michael Javier Villar has always been drawn to the unconventional, showing depth and range in every role he plays. His mother, Susan (McMillen) Villar, is a retired Spanish Professor from Bethel Park, Pennsylvania, and his father, Luis Alberto Villar, was a retired professional soccer player and world renown Infectious Disease Doctor from Valladolid, Spain. Growing up, Villar found his surroundings constantly changing. He was raised in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Iowa, Minnesota, Spain and the US Virgin Islands.


In college Michael triple majored in Theater, Film Studies and Film Production. While attending the University of Minnesota he was nominated for a College Emmy for a documentary, NEW TOWN BROKEN DOWN


After graduating from college, Michael found himself working various production jobs all over the world. He worked on four continents with Sir Richard Branson as a travel coordinator. He did location scouting all over the United States with the television show ELIMINATE. While living in the Virgin Islands he worked on numerous projects, including commercials for Disney Cruise Lines and Corona. Villar was also a Casting Director for a number of reality shows, including the first season of HELL'S KITCHEN and THE SWAN.  


Villar was constantly encouraged by directing and producing friends to pursue his passion for acting. He experienced beginners luck, booking his first audition, a national commercial for Buffalo Wild Wings. The fortune continued when it won “Best Comedic Commercial” at the Eats Awards.  Michael never looked back and dedicated himself to focusing on acting. 


Michael now has over seventy-five acting credits to his name. He has thrived in both comedy and drama and has proven to be a very malleable actor. His career includes the feature films SLEIGHT, VISIONS, and SKIN.  And television shows BARRY, THIS FOOL, NCIS, and multi-cam shows MAN WITH A PLAN and THE COOL KIDS. In 2019, Villar was also in the cast of the short film SKIN which won an Oscar for Best Live Action Short.


Villar has worked with some of the most credited and influential artists of today. His life experiences influence and enhance the depth and range of the characters he plays. 


Villar currently resides in Los Angeles, California, with his fiancé and fellow thespian, Claudine Claudio. 

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