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Nick Wilson

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Dance has always been a part of Nick Wilson’s life. Growing up in Montgomery, Alabama, Nick counts Michael Jackson, Turbo and Ozone among his biggest inspirations. When the feature film You Got Served hit theatres in 2004, Nick knew he wanted dance to be his life. By the end of that year he had packed up and moved to Los Angeles, which he looks back on as the best decision he’s ever made. Without a moment’s hesitation he began training intensively and embarked on a career dancing professionally. Within a few years, dancing naturally progressed into choreographing, and the two continue to allow Nick the opportunity to learn from others as well as teach and inspire future generations of dancers.

Dance now consumes Nick’s life and he wouldn’t have it any other way! Many of the same people that inspired him to start his career he now has the pleasure of working alongside. Years of hard work and training have brought Nick together with such artists as Taylor Swift, Chris Brown, Mariah Carey, Busta Rhymes and films such as Step Up 3D and Ghostbusters. In addition, Nick has worked on commercials for Pepsi, K-Swiss and Nike. “I am truly blessed and can’t wait to use dance to change the world for the better!” Nick says.

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