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Tristen Gressett


Tristen Gressett is an ELECTRIC old soul, and his style is something that hasn’t been seen for decades. He has sang all his life, and started playing guitar at age 14. It would be only a couple of months after he picked up guitar, that he would begin doing shows at local bars and restaurants. He quickly gained notoriety for his bohemian style and energetic performances. After winning a singing competition in Dadeville, AL by the name of “Kowaliga idol,’’ Gressett went on to audition for the television show “American idol.” Able to then show his talent to the world, Tristen gave a string of entertaining, soulful, wild, and heartfelt performances that left audiences screaming for more. he placed 11th out of the est. 122,000 people that auditioned. As of today, Tristen is currently playing live shows, as well as working on a new EP, with big plans for his future in the Hollywood hills.

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