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Yan Xi


Recent Booking: MAGNUM P.I.

Yan Xi was made in China and came to the U.S. when she was 16 years old.  She was a computer science major and was in IT for 7 years before breaking up with the PC and became a full-time actor and a court interpreter.  Yan trained at the Studio Theatre Conservatory in DC and has appeared in many stage productions, TV & Film as well as commercials, voiceover and print ads.

Yan continued her acting career in New York City with a variety of roles on stage and in Film and TV.  Her acting career thrived and her range of roles expanded after having children. She played a mob boss in the feature film LUCKY GRANDMA which premiered at Tribeca Film Festival in 2019.  The same year, she played a manipulative stepmother in the feature IN A NEW YORK MINUTE which was voted the best feature at the SOHO International Film Festival.  Last year she booked her first guest starring role as a mob surgeon on THE BLACKLIST directed by Christine Moore during the pandemic along with the feature film RARE OBJECTS directed by Katie Holmes and had the chance to work with the gracious Alan Cumming.  She also played a badass Fighter Pilot on the Apple+ series EXTRAPOLATIONS directed by Ellen Kuras.

Yan has also worked with M. Night on SERVANT, Michael Slovic on NEW AMSTERDAM, Alan Pole on TALES OF THE CITY, Paul McCrane on SHADES OF BLUE, and James Foley on HOUSE OF CARDS.

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